The way in which we learn and absorb information today is far different from years gone by and the strategy and approach are crucial.

As companies become more sensitive to the challenges resulting from the age-old conventional learning models, the gaps that exist help realize the micro and macro learning concepts or models.

A few years ago the reality was that the average person only had an attention span of not more than 30 minutes, today that has been reduced to just a few minutes and is entirely based on the way and form that information is presented to them. A recent study has shown that today an average employee only has 24 minutes a week to learn, which creates clear opportunities for implementation of microlearning where necessary with macro learning to support more detailed requirements in our ecosystems.


With both models, material and tools use strategic paths or approaches to arrange the content and can further use key indicators like risk or scenario-based issues, competency and role/function categories, plant, process or equipment based challenges or requirements to drive the direction and flow of learning and engagement. This new paradigm shift in terms of learning opportunities, integrating on-demand learning with more constructive and engaging deliveries means that the opportunities to successfully train and develop our people now become a meaningful reality.

Asset, Equipment & Process Learning Modules

Considering the evolution from the age-old “instructional model” to the “experience model” and using “visual experience-based” thinking is key to achieving success.

AR & VR based Learning Modules

What's important and evident over time is that we must look at our employees’ journeys at work, so we can produce learning that is simple, engaging and easy in the flow of work.

Mechanical, Assembly and Exploded view Learning Modules

In only one generation we have gone from traditional academic institutes to e-learning, blended learning, talent-driven learning, and then continuous learning.  Our priority and core mission now is simply to “deliver learning to wherever people are, in the most innovative, exciting and engaging forms.”


If you want your employees to be more engaged, more efficient, and just all-round better at their jobs, then you need to change your approach towards learning and give them the tools to learn and grow to become awesome.