Red Meters are more accurately described as an industrial measurement system rather than solely a density meter. They take multiple direct measurements of the process media and use those measurements to calculate density. Often used as an alternative to nuclear density meters in slurries, the inline measurement instrument’s technology is based around its patented flexible cartridge. The company's flagship instrument, the Red Meter Toro, also has the capacity to integrate a flow meter onto a single unit which provides mass flow. 


As material flows through the pipe, the cartridge bends slightly under the weight of the media. A high precision laser is used to detect the displacement in the deflection of the cartridge. Acting as a scale, the measurement of deflection is equated to a measurement of mass. In a fixed volume, the change in mass is equated to the change in density. A variety of additional sensors measure pressure, temperature, wear and other variables. When combining these measurements, an operator can not only truly measure their process, but also accurately and efficiently make changes downstream and automate troubleshooting.

One key advantage of the Red Meter is that the entire volume of pipe is measured in real time, as opposed to a sample taken periodically. Available in a variety of diameters, a Red Meter can withstand highly abrasive slurries as well as high percent solids. The wear sensor on the cartridge allows for efficient process control by alerting when the cartridge needs replacing in advance. Izinga Integrated Solutions is proud to be a RED METER certified South African partner.



  • Measures entire volume of material

  • Easy to use and install

  • Remote support and updates

  • Does NOT obstruct or redirect flow

  • Does NOT induce a pressure change

  • No regulatory restrictions or safety concerns

  • Evaluates liquids, slurries and dry bulk

  • Operates at any flow rate in any direction

  • Accommodates chemically and physically aggressive media

  • Is not restricted by density magnitude changes or entrained air

  • Compensates for changes in temperature, pressure and vibration

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Combining a simple methodology and highly intelligent algorithms, our industrial measurement system reads your full pipe volume continuously and removes any noise or interference giving you precise process measurement data. An inline measurement instrument, the Red Meter takes continuous readings that are recorded and stored with Wi-Fi-based cloud capabilities.


The data can be used to perform a range of calculations by our integrated computer which are then displayed on screen and can be output to third party systems. Measurements include density, media pressure, flow rate and solids accumulator.  Our disruptive technology aims to create a new standard for industrial measurement. This new standard breaks free of legacy limitations, breathing new life into industries and applications that are essential to our global economies.

Red Meter Toro Use Cases, Case Studies & Resources:

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